Next Generation of AI Production Planning, Scheduling, and Optimization

Activate a unique self-learning digital twin to empower your manufacturing facilities with comprehensive insights, forecasting abilities, and advanced production optimization!


Transparency and Optimization Across All Production and Supply Chain Processes

Create a data-driven cognitive digital twin of your entire factory. Enable efficient master data management (MDM) and data anomaly detection. Schedule and plan your production processes with prediction-based insights and optimize decision making with minimal human intervention.

QLECTOR LEAP is an AI platform with a data-driven cognitive digital twin, providing transparency and optimization across all production and supply chain processes. Our cognitive digital twin is developed to understand, self-learn and adapt to new real-world data.

Utilizing real-time data and self-learning capabilities, it empowers manufacturers to maximize asset and resource utilization while effectively managing and maintaining master data.

The platform leverages historical data to optimize production plans and schedules, simultaneously enabling shop floor anomaly detection to boost efficiency and productivity.

With predictions, insights, and real-time alerts for unexpected events, it enables intelligent decision-making with minimal human intervention.

By building a data-driven digital twin of each worker, incorporating their competences, limitations, performance, and availability, companies can now place the right people in the right positions. This allows the creation of optimized work teams and schedules, maximizing efficiency.

Calculating and comparing KPIs for different planning scenarios, including future forecasts, enables organizations to make data-driven decisions that optimize production efficiency and resource allocation.

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Key Features

Three modules of manufacturing digitalization and optimization

Digital Twin Platform

Data-driven digital twin of the entire factory. Master data management assistant. Robust anomaly detection.

Production Guiding

Sequencing of production orders. Scheduling workers. Realistic predictions. KPIs for different planning scenarios.


Advanced Planning and Scheduling functionalities. Optimal AI supported decision-making with minimal human intervention.


Maximize asset and resource utilization & increase your OEE


Reduced organizational downtime.


Improved inventory turnover.


Increased on-time delivery.

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Trusted by Process and Discrete Manufacturers

QLECTOR LEAP is a versatile solution trusted by leading players in diverse industries, including automotive, electronics, home appliances, chemical, food and beverage, and many others.

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