Client Success Stories

ingo hild testimonial 01 production planning scheduling

Qlector's software optimizes production planning in a simple, intuitive way and opens up new optimization options in a simple form thanks to the AI algorithms and various evaluations and reports. A must for modern production.


Ingo Hild
Plant Manager at ams OSRAM Group

matjaz roblek 01 production planning scheduling

QLECTOR LEAP has enabled the automation of planners' work, faster response to changes in production planning, and management of a larger number of machines. It has seamlessly integrated into our ERP and MES system.


Matjaž Roblek
Supply Chain Director at Domel

marija golja testimonials 1 production planning scheduling

QLECTOR LEAP has enabled significant progress in production plan optimization, as it learns from historical data, intelligently optimizes the plan, and provides optimal suggestions and valuable insights for planners.


Marija Golja
Production Planner at Kolektor

testimonial domen skrbina min production planning scheduling

With QLECTOR LEAP, we've digitally mapped every process. Now, we efficiently formulate production plans, including auxiliary workstations. Plan's automatic updates are a game-changer, keeping all subsidiary processes informed.


Domen Škrbina
Head of Production Logistics at Kovis

Unlock Operational Excellence with AI Cognitive Co-Pilot

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Say Goodbye to the Overflow of Information and Alerts

Qlector LEAP intelligently prepares, edits, and maintains master data, ensuring you can focus on what truly matters.

Eliminate time lost due to inefficient information transfer with QLECTOR LEAP’s seamless integration, which enables smooth and timely communication across all levels of your organization.

Real-Time Insights and Guided Decision-Making

Bridge the gap between planning theory and shop floor reality with our digital twin, which provides real-time insights into your manufacturing environment. 

QLECTOR LEAP serves as your reliable AI cognitive co-pilot, guiding decision-making processes and ensuring operational continuity, even when key personnel are unavailable.

dots bg 01 production planning scheduling
why qlector leap image 02 1 production planning scheduling


Elevate Your Manufacturing Efficiency

Our AI-powered modular platform helps you overcome information overload, optimizes information transfer, aligns planning with execution, and fosters organizational resilience.

Discover Qlector’s LEAP key benefits that empower your company to thrive in a dynamic manufacturing landscape.


Higher productivity​

QLECTOR LEAP enables companies to generate a greater output of goods or services within the same timeframe or with fewer resources resulting in increased output, reduced costs, improved quality, and ultimately, greater profitability for the organization.


Shorter lead time

QLECTOR LEAP helps to reduce the time it takes to complete a process, from initiation to completion, resulting in faster delivery of goods or services.


Higher inventory turnover

By increasing its inventory turnover ratio, the company is selling its inventory at a faster rate, indicating improved efficiency in managing inventory and potentially higher sales volume. QLECTOR LEAP enables manufacturers to take steps in this direction.


Time saved for planners

QLECTOR LEAP enables real-time insights into production with a holistic overview across multiple operations and facilities thus allowing production planners and team coordinators to focus on value-added activities.

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