Your Reliable Cognitive Co-Pilot

Elevate your manufacturing excellence with an AI-powered platform QLECTOR LEAP®  that acts as a catalyst for digital transformation in manufacturing.

As an ERP- and MES-agnostic solution, it can be seamlessly integrated into any existing advanced planning systems and IT infrastructure.

QLECTOR LEAP consists of three main modules, which are layered on top of our AI platform, serving as a foundation for implementing advanced production planning and scheduling features.


Digital Twin Platform

Building and maintaining a scalable, data-driven digital twin of the factory using a knowledge graph of the entire production process. Our cognitive digital twin can understand, self-learn, and adapt to new real-world data.

Master Data Management AI Assistant

Comparing datasets between theoretical norms (ERP) and real-time shop floor data (MES), identifying anomalies and discrepancies to improve the accuracy of master data. This ensures more realistic production schedules, leading to increased output.

Data Anomaly Detection

Identifying and addressing deviations from standard manufacturing processes with robust anomaly detection in real-world manufacturing capabilities and execution.

Planning Table with Next-Gen APS

Sequencing production orders is facilitated through a planning table with a drag & drop interface, offering a simple and intuitive user experience, along with next-generation production planning and scheduling features.

Workforce Scheduling

Building a data-driven digital twin of each worker based on their competences, limitations (including regulations), actual shop-floor performance, and availability. This ensures manufacturing companies to place the right people in the right positions, allowing the creation of optimized work schedules to maximize production efficiency.

Anomaly Detection

Detecting anomalies in production line setups, realization, stock, and providing prediction-based insights.

KPIs Calculation & Forecast

Calculating and comparing KPIs for different planning scenarios, including future forecasts.


Improving the quality of decisions and selected plans through predictions based on historical data.

Automatic Optimization

Automated sequencing integrates production and supply chain optimization to generate realistic scenarios for the entire plant's production processes. This functionality is based on advanced AI models that continuously evolve with the arrival of new data.


Providing predictions, simulations, insights, and alerts for unexpected events, enabling intelligent decision-making with minimal human intervention and proactive actions taken before unplanned events occur.


Enhancing Efficiency Through Predictive Intelligence

QLECTOR LEAP acts as your reliable cognitive co-pilot, offering valuable prediction-based insights and guiding your decision-making processes. It ensures the continuous and smooth operation of all your production processes.


50% increased
planner productivity


Time savings for logistic

8 hrs


Time saved for
team coordinators

Reduced number

of errors


production time


Reduced organizational


Reduced inventory level


Reduced work-in-progress (WIP)


Increased on-time delivery

Start Optimizing
Your Production Now!

Qlector: SAP Silver Partner

We are proud to be a SAP Silver Partner

QLECTOR LEAP integration now works seamlessly out of the box. SAP, the market leader in enterprise application software solutions, empowers companies of all sizes and across various industries to operate at their best.

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