Leap to Advanced Production Planning and a 25% Decrease in Downtimes

DOMEL, with a proud history spanning over 75 years as a leading manufacturer of electric motors and components, employs 1,200 individuals and generates 200 million EUR in revenue. Despite its storied success, DOMEL faced formidable challenges in its production process. This case study illuminates how DOMEL collaborated with QLECTOR to significantly enhance its production planning capabilities.


DOMEL’s production process complexity was heightened by the following factors:

  • Product Complexity: Managing a wide range of products demanded considerable time for production planning.
  • Schedule Adjustments: Adjusting schedules to the varying needs of recipes, changing between products and cleansing between operations.
  • JIT Delivery Issues: Implementing Just-In-Time (JIT) delivery was challenging due to the unpredictability of real-time demand and production line finalization.


To overcome these hurdles, DOMEL turned to QLECTOR for:

  • Inventory Forecasting: QLECTOR LEAP enabled more accurate predictions of inventory levels, facilitating just-in-time delivery and yielding up to 10 €/pallet in savings.
  • Automation: Streamlined the materials ordering process from remote warehouses through automation.
  • Scheduling Optimization: Enhanced scheduling efficiency by considering variables such as color codes and realistic throughput times during the rinsing and cleaning stages.


The strategic partnership with QLECTOR delivered tangible benefits:

  • Time Efficiency: A significant reduction of 75 hours per week for team coordinators and planners.
  • Organizational Improvement: A 25% decrease in organizational downtimes.
  • JIT Enhancement: A notable 10% improvement in JIT production.
  • Cost Savings: A substantial annual saving of 140,000 EUR.


Matjaž Roblek, Supply Chain Director at DOMEL, attested to the advantages brought by QLECTOR LEAP, which automated the planners’ work and managed a larger number of machines more effectively, leading to a 10% improvement in inventory lead times.


DOMEL’s adoption of QLECTOR’s solutions showcases the powerful impact of advanced planning technologies in a traditional manufacturing environment. The significant time and cost savings achieved by DOMEL serve as an inspiring benchmark for similar enterprises seeking to optimize their production processes.

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