Saving 3 Days a Week for Team Coordinators and Production Planners

At KOLEKTOR Sikom, a leader in discrete automotive production with a workforce of 700 employees and an 100M € in revenue, the relentless pursuit of efficiency is more than a goal—it's a necessity. This case study explores the transformational impact of implementing QLECTOR LEAP on KOLEKTOR's production guiding, planning and scheduling and optimization processes.


Prior to the collaboration with QLECTOR, KOLEKTOR faced several challenges that hindered operational efficiency:

  • Manual Production Planning: Significant time was invested in manually creating and updating production plans and schedules, leading to inefficiencies and potential for human error.
  • Communication Overheads: Adjusting schedules often required extensive phone and email communications, contributing to delays and reduced responsiveness.
  • Knowledge Silos: Critical planning knowledge was confined to specific individuals, risking loss of information and continuity.
  • Downtimes: Unplanned events led to increased and more prolonged downtimes due to slower response rates.


KOLEKTOR recognized the need to modernize its processes and chose QLECTOR’s expertise to address these issues. The integration focused on automating production planning and facilitating real-time schedule adjustments.


Post-implementation, KOLEKTOR experienced remarkable benefits:

  • Time Savings: An estimated 3 days per week were saved for team coordinators and planners, streamlining operations significantly.
  • Predictive Downtime Management: QLECTOR’s system enabled the prediction of downtimes three days in advance, allowing for proactive measures.
  • Reduced Downtime: Overall downtime was cut by 25%, directly impacting productivity.
  • Financial Impact: These efficiencies translated into substantial cost savings, with KOLEKTOR saving at least 300,000 EUR annually.


Gregor Jereb, a Planner at KOLEKTOR Sikom, noted the drastic cut in time spent on coordinating plans, from hours to mere minutes, by leveraging information from three distinct IT systems.

Ervin Murovec, Team Coordinator at KOLEKTOR Sikom, praised QLECTOR LEAF for its realistic scheduling capabilities and seamless notification process, marking a departure from the old, less efficient methods with Excel spreadsheets, phone calls and emails.

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