Challenges across industries

QLECTOR LEAP addresses challenges across industries. It is designed individually for each industry in collaboration with leading industry experts. At QLECTOR we understand that each company is unique in its workflow and culture. QLECTOR LEAP uses artificial intelligence to learn and adapt to the specificity of a company.

Browse through the selected use cases and learn more about how QLECTOR LEAP helped our partners.

Use Case Study


The automotive industry is known for its high efficiency due to the early introduction to the lean concept. QLECTOR LEAP maintains lean at all times. Partners can now reduce organizational downtime and inventory levels through forecasting tool change, material coverage, and HR requirements.

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Multinational company 01

  • +700 employees
  • Several production lines
  • +6 remote production sites
  • +2000 products
  • SAP, Sinapro (MES)


  • Time lost manually creating and updating production plans and schedules

  • Time lost fine-tuning schedule via phone or e-mail

  • Knowledge locked within planner and team coordinator

  • More and longer downtimes due to slower response to unplanned events


  • 1 day/week time savings for planners and team coordinators

  • On-time preparation for tool changes

  • 5% OEE increase

Use Case Study

Home appliances

The Appliance industry faces increasing customization of their portfolio with shortened life cycles. Digital twin in QLECTOR LEAP helps partners to comprehend the complexity of their products through the prediction of production times of new products and help to form optimal teams on assembly lines.

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Multinational company 02

  • +200 employees
  • +30M € revenue
  • +2000 products
  • +1500 work orders per day, from 10 to million products per order
  • MS Dynamics, Proprietary MES


  • Legislation raise in the minimum wage for assembly workers

  • Unable to manage the complexity of diverse product portfolio

  • Long and unpredictable lead times

  • Manual scheduling of workers to assembly cells

  • High intermediate inventory


  • 1 day/week time savings for team coordinators

  • 10% shorter lead time

  • A higher turnover ratio

Use Case Study


Partners in the chemical industry have very high digital maturity due to the traceability requirements. QLECTOR LEAP unlocks the value of data through the operational use of data for forecasting production and inventory levels, which trigger just-in-time delivery by suppliers.

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Multinational company 03

  • +200 employees
  • +60M € revenue
  • several productions sites
  • +2000 products
  • SAP, Proprietary MES


  • Time lost manually checking realization on the shop floor to order materials and transportation

  • Time lost manually creating and updating production plans

  • Inability to establish just-in-time


  • 1 day/week time savings for planners and team coordinators

  • Enabling just-in-time delivery

  • Replacing repetitive tasks with added value tasks

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