Empowering Planners & Team Coordinators

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For planners

QLECTOR LEAP helps planners create optimal and realistic production plans. It uses artificial intelligence to digitalize best practice and to automatize repeatable tasks.

QLECTOR LEAP improves information transfer by automatically passing plans to the shop floor and notifying on relevant changes and events.

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For Team Coordinators

QLECTOR LEAP helps team coordinators to manage the uncertainty of production processes. It empowers them with fast simulations to make informed decisions in the event of downtime.

QLECTOR LEAP uses artificial intelligence to suggest optimal teams to shorten production time and increase satisfaction.

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Product Architecture

Manufacturing Process
History & Fixed Data
Real-Time Data Stream
Qlector LEAP
  • Learning

  • Digital Twin

  • Insights

  • Forecast

  • Insights & Alerts

Save, Prepare, Reduce

The Benefits

  • 1 Day/Week Saved Time

    Save 1 day per week to planners and team coordinators.

  • 3 Day Forecast

    Prepare for organisational downtime 3 days ahead.

  • 25% Less Downtimes

    Reduce downtime by reacting to downtime faster and preparing for future events.

Key Features

Create digital twin of your production

QLECTOR LEAP predicts the finalization of production orders considering shop floor reality at all times.

QLECTOR LEAP utilizes artificial intelligence to consider the specificity of each and every product in combination with production lines, workers, input materials, and suppliers.

Predict and manage organizational downtimes

QLECTOR LEAP uses a digital twin to predict a shortage of material, competencies, and late finalization of production orders. It notifies responsible employees to address the cause of predicted events before they happen.

QLECTOR LEAP - Stock forecast

Make several production sites work as one factory

QLECTOR LEAP eliminates physical boundaries between several production sites.

QLECTOR LEAP predicts the time and duration of downtimes for dependent operations.

To avoid downtime, QLECTOR LEAP suggests optimal measures or a new production plan considering what is optimal for the entire company.

QLECTOR LEAP - Microplan

Warehouse of ideas

By bringing transparency to connected production processes, QLECTOR LEAP AI platform helps planners and team coordinators to work as one.

Create optimal teams!



Challenges across industries

QLECTOR LEAP addresses challenges across industries. It is designed individually for each industry in collaboration with leading industry experts.

At QLECTOR we understand that each company is unique in its workflow and culture.

QLECTOR LEAP uses artificial intelligence to learn and adapt to the specificity of a company.

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