QLECTOR LEAP Workshop #1: How to build the foundation for a successful AI implementation in manufacturing?

To help QLECTOR LEAP users prepare for their implementation and get the most out of the solution at every stage of the process, the QLECTOR team organizes a series of workshops. Dedicated to building a QLECTOR LEAP community, here the users share their expectations, good practices, learn from others, and get informed about new features and functionalities. We opened the conversation with the question “How to prepare well for the implementation and ensure adequate data quality?”. At the workshop we were joined by QLECTOR LEAP users and implementation teams from Domel, Kolektor, ETI, Unior and ETA Cerkno.

Preparation for implementation

The implementation of AI solutions in production can be sold as a no-brainer, but in reality, the management, plant manager and other production planning experts have to consider how they will approach digital transformation, what problems do they want to solve, what will be their markers of success, what are the desired results and how it will affect their organization. Dr. Tomaž Šuklje, Head of Business Development at QLECTOR emphasized that “Implementing AI is a path, not a measure”. He pointed out that AI helps to break data silos that are created through separate data generation processes, such as ERP, MES, PLC and SCADA, and consolidate them on time and context level. But, for a successful implementation process of AI, the organization needs to do their part, prepare accurate data, plan and define the necessary organizational roles and changes, changes in processes and set new KPIs.

QLECTOR LEAP: Partner on your journey

Every company carries its own unique set of challenges, stemming from their history, industry, processes, capacities and workforce. Here, the QLECTOR LEAP team is dedicated to help and facilitate the organizations through the process, especially the backbone of the digitisation process, the IT department. Even though the decision for the digital transformation is made on the part of a management with a vision, it is the IT department that gains a larger role in the organization. At the workshop, Maja Škrjanc, CPO at QLECTOR presented the implementation of AI systems in practice, focused on opportunities and pitfalls, and Danijel Žagar, Customer Success at QLECTOR presented new features that the clients will be using in the near future.

Benefits in numbers

First users are already measuring the benefits and improvements in their productivity and inventory capacities. The first is seen in a 50% increase in planner productivity, 5-12% improvement in asset utilization, 30% increase in on-time delivery to the client, 15% savings in time for logistics personnel, 1 day a week of time saved for the team coordinator, by 25% reduced downtime, and overall reduction of errors. Inventory management is better with a WIP reduced by 20%, reduced inventory level by 2,5% and shorter time on assembly lines by 10%.

The start of the QLECTOR LEAP community

No matter how alluring the numbers, the path of digital transformation cannot be told through them alone. To dive into this subject deeper we were joined by dr. Matjaž Roblek, Director of Supply Chain at Domel, with the story of implementation of QLECTOR LEAP at one of their manufacturing sites. He explained the decision making process before the implementation, the process of preparing the manufacturing site and team, the changes they needed to make and the first fruits of their labor. The workshop was concluded by the user stories from our clients, who are in various stages of implementation of LEAP. They all shared the belief that by going through a digital transformation the company will gain competitive advantage in being aware of its capabilities and drawbacks. By complete transparency, they become ready to respond to changes quickly and accurately. They agreed that events like these are beneficial in supporting them through the process and learning from each other.

If you are interested in what our next workshop topic will be, follow us for more news on our LinkedIn page.

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