Ambassadors of artificial intelligence in production planning processes

At the end of this year, we would like to thank all Slovenian companies that trust us in implementing the latest artificial intelligence and digital twin technologies in production planning, scheduling and forecasting processes:

  • Domel, in which we completed the full implementation of the Qlector LEAP solution in November.
  • Kovis, where we are currently completing the implementation.
  • Unior, where we have started the full implementation of the Qlector LEAP solution.

Domel, Kovis and Unior are companies that, in our experience, are among the ambassadors of implementing artificial intelligence in production planning processes. They are also the companies that understand the advantage of Industry 4.0 solutions such as Qlector LEAP, as it can also effectively support them in addressing supply chain and labor shortage challenges.

Based on the experience of more than 30 Qlector LEAP implementations in the CEE and DACH region, we have also identified the most common reasons why the expected results of using advanced production planning tools are usually higher than the actual results achieved. The reasons lie in the digital competencies of the customers, the degree of editing and maintenance of master data and the (too) fast implementation of the planned optimization.

Experience with the implementation of Qlector LEAP in the production facilities of the multinational company Kolektor shows that the customer achieves significant benefits and savings in the following areas:

  • 2 to 3 days of time saved per week in the work of production planners and team coordinators.
  • 25% less organisational downtime.
  • 5% to 12% increase in productivity.
  • Consolidation of business processes.
  • Automatic editing and maintenance of master data.

These are all actual savings that have increased significantly over previous years’ results (1 day/week time savings, 25% less organisational downtime, 3% to 5% higher productivity).

If you would like to know what you can achieve by introducing AI into production planning and supply chain management processes, we are available for a free introductory consultation.

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