Operational analytics

Improve the Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) with proactive insights from the shop floor.

Identify trends and anomalies of planned and unplanned stops, cycle speed and scrap.

Predict and react to incidents before they can affect your bottom line and see directly the impact of each incident to your OEE and other KPIs.

Operational analytics

Production planning

Create production plans optimized to your shop floor by taking into account past performance to reduce downtime and increase production capacity.

Do what-if analysis to understand the potential effect resource availability and other changes to the plan realization.

Let QLECTOR to automatically update the plan using the real-time data from the shop floor.

Production planning

Risk management

Apply risk management framework to production planning and supply chains management.

See most likely production outcomes and quantify required levels of inventory in terms of risk.

Risk management

Measure. Manage. Prosper.

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