You are running a large IT system with hundreds of servers, millions of lines of code, all managed by large teams of engineers.

The stakes are high: the system provides a valuable service to high profile clients with tight SLA contracts. Your competitors wait for an opportunity!

Potential sources of problems:

  • hardware failures
  • server slows down or stops responding
  • new service version introduces a bug
  • somebody changed a parameter in production that causes an outage
  • internal network issues, subcomponents cannot communicate
  • issues with of external services that you depend on
  • you're producing bad results due to bugs or bad inputs


Reactive instead of proactive: a type of problem has to occur at least once.

Rigid, difficult to maintain: infrastructure is constantly evolving with new hardware, software environment, service versions, parameters, etc. resulting in obsolete rules producing false and irrelevant alerts.

Root-cause analysis is difficult: many alerts might be related and no helpful pointers on where to look first when time is critical.



QLECTOR LEAP AI Platform handles high data complexity, integrating data sources from all parts of your IT system.

The platform adjusts to changes in the system with no need for manual intervention and provides numerous advantages for users:


  • Autonomous monitoring
  • Proactive notifications
  • Runs on cloud or on-premise
  • Tested in large productions
  • Works on mobile devices

Measure. Manage. Prosper.

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