Challenges in manufacturing

Manufacturing consists of numerous connected operations. The progressively growing complexity of products and processes is difficult to address with existing approaches.

  • Long delivery of Raw material

  • Overflow of information and alerts

  • Inefficient information transfer

  • Discrepancy between planning Theory and shop-floor reality

  • Dependency on Individuals

  • Inaccurate demand forecasts


GPS for manufacturing

QLECTOR LEAP helps to guide production processes in the same way as GPS supports your road trip.

QLECTOR LEAP uses historical data and artificial intelligence to forecast production and suggest optimal measures when unplanned events occur.

Qlector LEAP vs Google Maps

  • Forecasting time of arrival
  • Suggestions of alternative routes
  • Forecasting production
  • Suggesting action in case of Unplanned Events


  • 1 Day/Week Saved Time

    Save 1 day per week to planners and team coordinators.

  • 3 Day Forecast

    Prepare for organisational downtime 3 days ahead.

  • 25% Less Downtimes

    Reduce downtime by reacting to downtime faster and preparing for future events.

Industry 4.0

Why now?

The Industry 4.0 concept is hardly covered in practice. The last three pillars cannot be enabled by existing methods and technologies. To increase value, new tools are needed. Learn why artificial intelligence is the right tool.

Value Market /maturity Enabler 0% 3% 6% 38% 30% 22% Transparency Visibility Connectivity Computerization PLC IoT MES Digitalization Predictive capacity Industry 4.0 Adaptability AI


Usecase Study



  • 700 employees
  • 200 lines
  • 6 remote production sites
  • 2000 products
  • SAP, Sinapro (MES)


  • Time lost manually creating and updating production plans and schedules
  • Time lost fine-tuning schedule via phone, email
  • Knowledge locked within planner and team coordinator
  • More and longer downtimes due to slower response to unplanned events


  • 1 day/week time savings for planners and team coordinators
  • On-time preparation for tool changes
  • 5% OEE increase

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