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Digital model of your enterprise

Create digital model of your enterprise by integrating real-time business and process data inside our AI platform.

Digital model provides complete transparency into the current and the future state of your business.

Optimize daily operations

Qlector AI platform provides proactive insights that help you drive your daily business and production operations.

React before incidents affect your bottom-line.

Qlector AI platform in action

Anomaly Detection

Get actionable real-time insights into the current state of your enterprise.

Identify when it starts behaving unlike what we observed in the past. Detect anomalies on all levels of the enterprise, from one metric to the complete state of the system.

Identify impact of detected anomalies and how they reflect in the core business KPIs. Detect
increased potential for business impacting anomalies and discover the root-cause behind anomalies.


Predict movement of your business KPIs using past and current data. Update the forecasts in real-time as new data becomes available.

Create actionable insights by automatically detecting major changes and deviations in the forecasts.

Integrate with with your ERP, CRM and MES systems to automate business processes

Qlector AI platform in action


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